At Crew Club we provide a full body workout for ALL fitness levels to help you achieve your personal fitness & health goals in just 45 minutes!

CREW - Tap into both your aerobic and anaerobic systems with our signature class. Experiment with interval drills, and shorter rest periods. Hold nothing back in this 45 minute all out rowing class.

CREW CROSS - This full body group workout will take you to your limits, incorporating full body training components on and off the Erg (Rowing Machine).

CREW KETTLE - Similar to Crew Cross, this class combines kettlebell movements with rowing intervals to give you the ultimate HIIT workout

CREW FLOW - Start your class with a meditative row to focus on body awareness and mind to muscle connection, then transisition to your mat for a gentle yin yoga class to rejuvenate and restore your body.

CREW BASICS - The basics class is for first time rowers. Let Crew Club's knowledgeable team help you get started. Learn the terms, timing and proper body positioning.

CREW 90 -  A 90 minute, aerobic, fat burning workout. Justin, our most experienced rowing coach will run you through a variety of  stroke rate variations while providing technical feedback. Brief water breaks and stretching  will be provided throughout the 90 minutes of work. An aerobic base is recommended to get the most out of Crew 90.