Join the Crew!

Here at Crew Club we want to set you up for success. Our coaches are the best of the best and will ensure you get the most out of every work out. If you have never been to Crew Club this is what to expect.

Our Facility

  • Parking….. it’s FREE! We have two lots connected to the building where your first 90 mins is free. Don’t forget to enter your license into the park plus machine
  • Lockers are available for all participants. If you forgot your lock, we have you covered

  • Rowing torches calories so expect to sweat! The good news is we have a great facility with rain water showers and high-end body products to make it easier to carry out your day after a workout. Towel service for all participants is also included

What to Expect

  • Classes are 45 min long so if your butt cheeks start to get sensitive while on the Erg don’t worry, soon your body will get accustomed to the movement. For the first couple classes we encourage you to get off the Erg a couple times through class to give your sit bones a break.
  • Terminology. Chances are you won’t hear our coaches call the machines “rowers”, that’s because they aren’t rowers. The guy or gal on the machine doing all the hard work is the “rower” You will almost always hear the machine called an Erg #Urge2Erg

  • Cold lemon grass towels are offered at the end of all our classes.

What to Bring

  • Bring comfortable running shoes and a water bottle. We have 4 water filling stations so you will never wait in line to fill your bottle.
  • If you’re attending our Crew Flow class, we have plenty of mats. If you have that special connection to your own mat, please feel free to bring it to your yoga class.

  • If you want to hydrate yourself in true Mission Calgary style, join us every Friday for our Crew & Brew class and replenish all those electrolytes with a cold beer.

Try All Class Formats for Best Results

  • Our signature Crew class will teach you the breakdown and proper technique of a stroke and how to become an efficient rower. As you become more efficient in this class you will get more out of the other classes offered.
  • Crew Cross will keep your workouts fresh and creative. Incorporating that efficient stroke, you learned in Crew and combing all other sorts of weighted and body weight functional movements to get you the best results.

  • Crew Flow is going to provide you that mobility training to keep your joints healthy. This class also incorporates a meditative row, which allows you to enjoy your time on the Erg and find some peacefulness in this normally intense workout.